Python PackagesΒΆ

Like all large python projects, the AMUSE source-code is structured in packages, subpackages and modules. Packages and subpackages are directories in the filesystem and modules are python files (A detailed explanation can be found in Modules <>). In this chapter the most important packages are named.

The source code of the AMUSE Code and Community Codes layer is combined in one package. The package name is amuse.


Root package of the AMUSE code, does not contain test files, the build system or the test system.

The amuse and the package is further divided into three subpackages:

Contains the code of the AMUSE Code layer. The units system, data io and model and all base classes can be found in this package.

Contains the code the Community Codes layer. The community codes can be found in this package as well as support code for generating the script to legacy code messaging framework.


Contains extra and/or extension code. For example, making initial data models is not one of the main functionalities of AMUSE, but it is very useful to include this into the codebase.