In this document we will describe the high level design of AMUSE. During the development period of AMUSE this document will be a “Work in Progress”. It will be updated to state latests ideas about the design and reflect the current implementation. More detailed documentation can be found in the reference documentation.


AMUSE combines existing astrophysical numerical codes into a single system.


To develop a toolbox for performing numerical astrophysical experiments. The toolbox provides:

  • A standard way of input and output of astrophysical data.

  • Support for set-up and management of numerical experiments.

  • A unique method to couple a wide variety of physical codes

  • A legacy set of standard, proven codes. These codes will be integrated into AMUSE as modules. Each module can be used stand-alone or in combination with other modules

  • A standard way for adding new modules to AMUSE.

  • Examples to show the use of each module and possible couplings between the modules.

  • Documentation containing introduction, howtos and reference documents.


AMUSE is originally developed at the Leiden Observatory. The Leiden Observatory is a faculty of the Leiden University in the Netherlands. Funding is provided by a NOVA grant.

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